About Us


3CC (chemical construction company ) is a waterproofing, fire proofing, building and civil engineering contracting firm. As such we provide various services in the water, fire proofing and construction industries.Our highly trained and experienced engineers are supported by the planning and administration sections  to ensure that there is follow-through and monitoring of all projects from appointment through to completion and handover Quality, efficient service and execution as well as customer satisfaction are our guidelines in satisfaction are our guidelines in conducting our business. We also conducting our business. We also safety and health during project implementation.Our target market includes parastatals, government departments, private developers, general contractors, private property owners and investors. We have already successfully carried out various projects for some of the above groups.We also envisage getting into joint ventures and partnerships with other players in the water & fire proofing, maintenance building and roofing industries.At 3CC Projects, we adhere to the statutory requirements with regards to tax, Unemployment Benefits, Employment Equity, Occupational Health and Safety and Broad-based BEE codes. The firm has 100% black ownership and management.


Our Vision

3CC vision is to provide proficient and reliable service to our clients nationwide and become one of the important and major players in the water & fire proofing and construction industry by exercising the skills and expertise in which we are the skills and expertise in which we are

Our Mission

Our mission is to strive to grow our company, providing an efficient service to our customers and supporting the development of the local communities by:


Creating an environment for innovation and quest to render the world class services. A belief in a lateral leadership style where an environment of trust forms the foundation of the company. A belief that loyalty provides sustainability for a secure future for its people
and members.